Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Tips On How To Get Into The Gaming Industry

Tips on how to get into the gaming industry

1) Learn as much as you can. Go to college and study a degree in gaming. Not only does it give you valuable information about the gaming industry; it also can be a start to building bridges with local developers and publishers. You will find it easier to get your name known and you may find getting your first job is made easier.

2) Get your foot in the door. Start as a games tester for a QA team. This gives you a great opportunity to learn more about the company and get to know the staff. You will be able to identify opportunities to move into other departments as positions become available.

3) It’s not what you know it’s who you know. If there is a certain company that you want to work for, make sure they know about it. Volunteer to work as a moderator on their forums. This will show them that you have commitment and passion to many companies desire. It will also give you a chance to show them your skills and abilities.

4) Get the experience you need. Many companies ask you have experience within the gaming industry; so make sure you have just that. Working in an area that relates to the gaming industry such as working for an online payment provider, may you get a job working on the billing system for an MMO.

5) Never give up. Make sure the company knows you want the job and keep chasing them regularly for any potential vacancies that they might have. In the end they will realize that you are committed and passionate so offer you anything that comes available. 99% of gaming industry employees are gamers and love what they do. So chat to how every you are speaking to because they will be more than happy to talk about gaming and their job.

6) After going direct to local gaming developers and publishers. I suggest using an agency to help get interviews and jobs. There is a growing number of agencies popping up on the internet so my advice would be to get you name down on all the suitable gaming agency lists.


  1. Thats very interesting and helpful! Where did you get this Jamie?

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