Monday, 9 November 2009

Less than 24hrs to go !!

hi ladies and gentlemen. just a quick one to express how excited i am about getting COD MW2 tonight at 12. ive been waiting all year for this game and to tell you the truth i think this last 24 hrs are going to be killer. im sure the time will pass pretty quickly and before i know it, ill be blasting away without a care in the world; well until i realise im late for the vero's lesson lol. anyhows, what i want to say is that if any1 is getting COD tonight for the xbox, send me your gamertag so we can have a confetti war. it will be like counterstrike but without kstustis blowing us all away because i know he isn't online just yet(thank god LOL). well i better get ready for college. peace out ladies and gents.


  1. got it already n000b =P add me though ill show you whos the soldier scoobyjdoo (i kno tht doesnt sound strong but ill still whup you)

  2. can youz borrau mi some moneyz plx plox ?

  3. I've preordered mine so I'll be on it as soon as I get back from college! I agree that it'll be a long day to wait, you dont have too long to wait now!

    My gamertag is cam1905, that confetti war sounds pretty cool.

    We'll have to get kelly's gamertag too and let the teacher be teached >:)

  4. lol
    i would let her to kill me so i can haz some confetti pointz

  5. Replies
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