Monday, 19 October 2009

Awesome lead developer wanted for exciting hi-tech startup

Want to get in on the ground floor of something huge? Are you a propellor-hat-wearing programmer with a strong sense of architecture? Wanna use cutting edge stuff like Scrum, GitHub, REST-ful interfaces to common API's (Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter), and test driven development? Do you know your way around Ruby on Rails or PHP Cake (or Zend...), and JavaScript frameworks (JQuery, Prototype...) like the back of your hand? If so, we should talk!
We're looking for a lead developer who wants to change the world with technology. You should have at least 5 years of experience, be comfortable creating a stable and scalable architecture from the ground up, be happy working both alone and in a team, and be current on the state of the art in programming. Ideal candidate contributes to open source projects, has built large open-architecture web applications, has developed at least one social network, understands SMS, and has some exposure to iPhone development.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

The legendary james barnes

The van damage(who is gay), is probably one of the funniest characters i have ever met. he has many nicknames manly due to his obessiveness and fad's he has. For instants, i personally used to call him fabio because for some reason he loved the guy. Just check his facebook profile he has pictures of him. Fabio by the way is a porn star as far as i know. He is also known as Jam-ez, jimbo, stalker lol just kidding and van damage. James loves to sing, once after speaking to him on the phone he forgot to hang up. i heard a bit of James Dean or Franky down the phone only to realise it was James singing to his mum which was very funny at the time. i probably Should'nt say no more so just go ask him if you wanna no about his truck driving experience.