Sunday, 17 January 2010

Fifa 10

unlike the football game im used to (PES), fifa 10 is a refreshing change. The first thing that impressed me was the amount of teams you could select. unlike its main rival PES, Fifa 10 lets you choose team from pretty much any league ranging from Accrington stanley(who are they?) all they way up to the mighty nottingham forest lol and of cause the other great teams such as barca and man utd. The main reaseon for the vast amount of teams is the fact it is offical Fifa merchandise which gives EA the rgihts to use all the football clubs and names. For PES its not so easy; they have to gain the rights which in most cases have not been a success. Teams such as liverpool are called teeside because they are not aloud to use the name. To Be Continued........


  1. i was gonna do this game too! grrrr!

  2. PES sucks ass...i might have to buy fifa and show you how to play

  3. whaaa show me how to play fifa ay. kesa tried that an it ended 6-2 to me lol bring it on boy!!! lol